Great Alliance

The threat of the Tanar’ri hordes proved to be such a blight that no single race would be able to stand against them alone. While not intervening directly, the gods themselves sent emissaries to every major city that opposed the demonic hordes, stating that the world must unite or they would surely fall. In a rare show of faith, the leaders of each city agreed.

Humans, elves, dwarfs, halflings, gnomes, and other creatures formed the greatest army in the history of the world, the Grand Alliance. Each of the races had their own specialties that contributed to the war: the numbers and tenacity of men, the powerful magic of the elves, the finest steel weapons and armor of the dwarfs, the cunning of the halflings, and the sheer ingenuity and inventions of the gnomes. Legends speak of a band of orcs joining the alliance that were opposed to the demons as well, and that they fought as well as any other unit.

The races of the world chose the Alliance’s Commander: a human named Haus Baele. Already a distinguished leader that won many battles against the demons prior to the Alliance’s founding, the Alliance leaders saw within him a chance of victory. Baele agreed, on the condition that the Alliance shall disband after the demons are destroyed, for the good of the world. General Baele would then lead the Alliance in a campaign that spanned nearly the entire world as they fought the demons.

Despite the great many victories against the demons, the Alliance was slowly being worn down. There were simply too many demons. As long as the Demon Gates remained open, the demons can continually reinforce each front. Attrition slowly ground down the Alliance. Baele foresaw this, and knew that the only way to completely destroy the demons was to destroy their gates. Many gates that had appeared throughout the world had been sealed, though the gates where the evil cultists began their mad plot were the main concern; Demons cannot remain in the material plane for long, but as long as the main gates remained open, the demons were bound to the world, and would not fade back into the Abyss.

It was at this time that the Champion of the Gods: Roland, had appeared before the leaders of the Alliance. Proclaiming that the gods had bestowed him with the task of destroying the Demons, he pleaded to Baele and the rest of the Alliance commanders to launch one final attack on the Demon Gates. Baele, running out of options, had no choice but to accept.

Baele gathered 50,000 from the best men, dwarfs and elves and marched towards the Demon Gates. Baele himself marched for battle with his soldiers, as he believed that this was the Alliance’s last chance to end this war and that if they were to fall, he’d fall as one of them. The Demons, sensing danger, rushed to attack. The battle was fierce as the Alliance soldiers and their Champion fight their way towards the gates. By the time the Alliance forces reached the gates their numbers dwindled to barely over one thousand. Roland himself slayed the Balor in charge of the defense before invoking the power of the artifact granted by the gods himself.

In a bright light that could be seen for miles around, the demon gates were destroyed by the sheer positive energy of the gods that was channeled through the artifact and the Champion. The unfortunate demons that were caught in the blast were utterly destroyed. With the Demon Gates destroyed, the remaining demons on the plane were soon fading back to the Abyss. When Baele and the meager thousand regained consciousness after, they found no trace of their Champion. The war was finally over.

The Alliance disbanded soon afterward, as their work now finished. The leaders of each race, Baele counting for the humans, swore oaths that the Alliance would only reform if such a threat to the scale of the Demon War should ever threaten the land again. Haus Baele, hailed by humanity as their hero, became a noble, forming House Baele and subsequently the Kingdom of Baele.

Great Alliance

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