The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 5
More Unfortunate Events

In an attempt to help speed up the process of over a year’s worth of this campaign, I will now list some of the game’s most important events that lead up to the present.

The Story so Far...Part 4
Escape from Solhaven

The Imperial Inquisitor Mordecai Toth wasted no time in interrogating the adventurers. A “devout” servant of St. Cuthbert, the Inquisitor used various methods of torture to extract confessions from almost all of the party members. Jack proved to be the most irritating to torture. Due to his special nature as the god Olidamarra’s ‘Chosen One,’ Jack could withstand horrendous amounts of torture without dying, this does not render him immune to pain however, so the Inquisitor got nothing from him at all. Only Ondellus was saved from torture racks, thanks to her quick talking and her subsequent “confession.” Sissay tried to escape but was quickly caught by the Inquisitor and thrown back into the dungeon. Despite the Inquisitor’s attempts to secure confessions, the Emperor nevertheless ordered all of them executed publicly by hanging.

The Story so Far...Part 3
Chaos in Solhaven

The adventurers were astonished in the complete destruction of Argshire; they had been away only a day away from the town!! There was no sign of Thorg anywhere. The buildings strangely looked to have been destroyed in various ways. Some were obviously burned to the group, however some buildings looked as though it had been frozen solid then smashed to pieces, others looked to have been completely doused in acid!

The Story so Far...Part 2
Ambush in Cathalon

In the morning, Nadeem the ranger disappeared without a trace; no one saw him leave. Nevertheless, Thorg gathered up the adventurer’s out to Cathalon with a cart full of barrels of Thorg’s Finest XXX. Before the group left, Thorg handed Orn a pendant with silver cross that has a red gem embedded in it. Thorg told Orn to keep the pendant safe, not saying why. Orn nevertheless agreed to the strange request.

The Story so Far...Part 1
The Argshire missions.

It all began with a call for adventurers. The town of Argshire was in dire need of heroes. A paladin named Orn, Aelemar the griffon knight (with Luft as the griffon), the ranger Nadeem, and a bizarre schizophrenic yuan-ti named Sissay answered the call. The town’s mayor, a dwarf named Thorg Steelfoot had asked the rookie adventurers to guard the town’s valuable hops and barley fields in preparation for the year’s harvest. In doing so, the adventurers fended off an attack by goblins who attempted to burn the fields. Investigating further, the adventurers moved into the nearby forest, going after a goblin survivor. They found a cave filled with more goblinoids, led by a bugbear. After slaying the goblinoids, the adventurers found that the goblins were mercenaries, paid off by a well-to-do-lord in an attempt to weaken and distract the town of Argshire.


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