Silvermyr Forest

The Silvermyr Forest lies on the outskirts of the Imperial capital of Solhaven, providing a secondary “wall” that helps protect the city from invaders.

In times past, the forest was benign. It was only ten years ago when an accident at the Mage’s Academy resulted in magically engineered owlbears escaped from the city and went into the forest, where they propagated quickly. The vicious combination of nocturne senses and ferocity made the forest an incredibly dangerous hazard when traveling at night. This does not prohibit the owlbears from attacking during the day, but such occurances are less common.

Many attempts by both the Academy and the Imperial Army to clear the forest of owlbears have not been successful. Emperor Selentine V ordered the forest sealed during the night to prevent any unnecessary deaths.

Only one individual dares reside in the Silvermyr Forest, the bounty hunter Draco Strife.

Silvermyr Forest

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