Kingdom of Baele

The Kingdom of Baele was formed after the end of the Demon Wars. Lord Haus Baele was proclaimed a hero at the end of the war, and the remaining human settlements demanded that he lead humanity thereafter. Baele accepted and for the next two hundred years the Baele dynasty ruled over all of the human lands, bringing peace and prosperity in an era known as the Golden Age.

Peace reigned throughout the human lands. While the kingdom did have an army, there had been no wars since the Kingdom was formed. Trade with the elves and dwarfs brought in great wealth.

The Golden Age was brought to a sudden halt when Kaedin killed off the entire Baele family and unleashed untold horrors upon the kingdom. Both Kaedin and his minions were destroyed through the actions of the Legendary Heroes. Many thought that Kaedin’s death would bring the return of the Golden Age, but the power vacuum left by the death of House Baele led to civil war instead by the two most powerful houses: House Aramon and House Selentine.

The Heroes were disgusted at the infighting and disbanded. The settlement at Cathalon split the Kingdom into two: the Kingdom of Aramon to the southwest, and the Great Human Empire to the northeast.

Kingdom of Baele

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