Kingdom of Aramon

The Kingdom of Aramon lies to the southwest of the Borderlands, and is the smaller of the two human civilizations after the Kingdom of Baele had split. It was formed by it’s namesake House Aramon.

Much of the land within Aramon’s borders resembles that of the Empire. Large grasslands that are ripe for farming, though great strides have been taken to preserve the natural beauty of the kingdom, as compared to the need for constant development in the Empire. Aramon is home to many small forests that are home to elven colonists. Some of these forests are maintained by druid circles. The largest is the Great Forest, which lies to the very southwest of the realm. Not many are allowed into this forest, due to a very militant druid that has formed an entire army out of the many creatures and wild elves that dwell within. Aramon also borders the lands of the Yuan-ti and as a result, the snake people have tried time and time again to undermine the kingdom.

The capital city of Aramon is Cravant, known as the White City due to the pristine white marble that many of the city’s buildings as well as the castle and walls were constructed out of. Cravant is a pious city, home to many temples dedicated to Aramon’s patron deities: Pelor, Heironeous, and St. Cuthbert. The three faiths formed a religious order called the Temple Knights. The order comprises of clerics, paladins, and other religious warriors that have dedicated themselves to the faith. The Temple Knights are charged with defending Aramon, though service to their deities come first.

The Kingdom of Aramon has for the most part, maintained the ancient treaties with the elves and dwarfs signed by the old Kingdom of Baele. While elven ships from their island nation of Lunarion arrive in Aramon’s port cities daily, trading with the dwarfs is much more difficult, as the dwarfen realms lie to the northeast, past the lands of the Empire, though several small dwarf holds exist within Aramon’s borders. The Empire, party due to their pro-human mentaility, spite their southern neighbors by prohibiting the dwarfs from the Coilspine Mountains from traveling within their territory. Certain crafty dwarfs work around this by collaborating with gnomes and constructing airships to fly over Imperial territory to Aramon instead.

The Royal Army of Aramon is much smaller than that of the Imperial Army. While the Imperial Army relies on their numbers and their mass-produced weaponry, the Aramonese utilize much better weapons and armor which they have acquired from their close ties to the other races. Elven magic, dwarfen steel, etc. like the days of the old Great Alliance. The Temple Knights, if willing, will usually act as crack auxiliaries within the Aramon army, though they have the right to stay out of the official chain of command if they so wish. This puts them at odds with the rest of the army, but the Temple Knight’s effectiveness in battle keeps many detractors silent.

The current head of House Aramon is King Maximilian I. He rules with his wife, Queen Seraphine, and their daughter Princess Adelaide. The Queen is a wizard who had studied many long years within the Royal Academy of Magic before her marriage to Maximilian. Her daughter on the other hand, was born with the gift of magic and is a prominent sorceress. She rejected the teachings of the Royal Academy and proceeded to practice magic on her own. The queen demanded that Adelaide be sent to the Royal Academy, but King Maximilian, in a rare show of support, agreed to her daughter’s wishes on the grounds she doesn’t do anything that threatens the kingdom. So far, this arrangement has worked out, even though she seems somewhat distant to the rest of the family.

Kingdom of Aramon

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