Great Human Empire

The Great Human Empire is the both the largest human civilization in the world, as well as the largest civilization in general. Spanning much of the northeast section of the continent, it borders the Kilrah Desert, the Orcish Wastes, the Coilspine Mountains and the Borderlands.

With much territory to exploit, the Empire has grown very powerful, and has also the largest professional army to date, with well over a hundred thousand soldiers, including siege equipment as well as heavy cavalry from the Imperial Knights. During peacetime, the Imperial Army is comprised of volunteers, however during times of war, citizens or militiamen can be conscripted at any time.

Much of the region is open plains and grassland, providing adequate farming. The Empire also borders the Coilspine Mountains, which gives the Empire access to valuable metals and minerals. The Coilspine Mountains being dwarf territory, this has led to many a dispute between the two nations. The chief deities of the Empire is St. Cuthbert and Pelor. To the northwest, many of those who live on or near the mountains worship Bahamut, due to the proximity of metallic dragons that dwell further north.

To help administrate the Empire, the lands are divided into provinces each run by an Imperial regent. The regent has full powers as a typical governor and deals with local matters as well as raising a regional militia. If there is a crisis, whether environmental or political, such as fires or rebellion respectively, the governor can request aid from the Imperial Army to assist in handling it, though this is usually a last resort, as the army can be brutally efficient in handling such matters.

The capital of the Empire is Solhaven. The city is notorious for it’s incredibly defensible position. Aside from the city walls, the city is surrounded by the Silvermyr Forest (which is full of Owlbears) and is on top of a massive bluff overlooking the Great Sea.

The current reigning emperor: Selentine V, had declared a crusade against the Orcs of the Orcish Wastes merely a year after being crowned. This has led to thirty years of constant warfare between the Imperial Army and the orc warlords of the Wastes. It was only just recently when the last warlord had been slain, driving the orcs into disarray that they may never recover from. The Imperial Army, led by High Commander Kristof von Carnadine, had just arrived back to Solhaven when the current adventurers sparked off their “assassination attempt.”

Great Human Empire

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