Castle Baele

Castle Baele was the personal home and political capital of House Baele, the rulers of the namesake Kingdom of Baele. While it could hold out against an invading army for some time, it was brought down by Kaedin in but a matter of minutes. None of the once proud noble family survived Kaedin’s sudden attack.

For the Legendary Heroes, they cleared the castle of its drow and mind flayer occupants whom had sided with Kaedin. It served as a hub for which the Heroes had planned out their next moves.

In the hundreds of years since the Legendary Heroes defeated Kaedin, no one has returned to the castle. Rumor has it that the castle is still cursed to this very day.

Orn was brought to the castle by Yami Shadowstalker herself, as a place of refuge, and a chance to rest and reflect upon his past adventures.

Castle Baele

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