The Chaosbringer

Sword of the Legendary Hero, Chaos

weapon (melee)

Weapon of Legacy

Base Statistics: +1 Greatsword; Cost: 2350 GP

(Abilities work in progress)

5th — Protection from Evil
6th —
7th —
8th Orc Tongue
9th +1 orc bane greatsword
11th +2 orc bane greatsword
14th +3 flame orc bane greatsword
17th +4 flame keen orc bane greatsword
20th +5 flaming burst keen orc bane greatsword


The Chaosbringer is a misnomer, much like the Hero that wields it, Chaos. The sword itself is as lawful as can be. The only thing that it does bring chaos and destruction on evil itself.

The original creator of the sword is lost to history, but what is known is that the sword belonged to Chaos’ father, a powerful fighter himself. Many monsters fell to the sword, but it’s true legacy began when the weapon passed to Chaos.

Chaos had just turned eighteen when a powerful Nightwalker attacked his home town. Chaos’ father and many brave warriors charged forth to combat it, but all were slain in the attack. Chaos, his heart filled with rage, ran forth, picked up his father’s sword and attacked the Nightwalker. Though battered and beaten by the behemoth, Chaos managed to slay the beast almost single-handedly.

The second major event was when the weapon’s magic, like the weapons of the other Legendary Heroes was forcibly extracted from the weapon and acattered throughout the realm and the planes by the wizard Kaedin. Chaos and his companions located all the shards of power that restored their weapons, including the Chaosbringer and against all odds, slew the great wizard in his home dimension.

After the Legendary Heroes disbanded and went their separate ways, Chaos continued to travel across the continent slaying monsters and defending the fledgling two kingdoms. Chaos had a particular hatred for Orcs. He traveled many times out into the Wastes, bringing back to the Empireand the Kingdom of Aramon the heads of many powerful Orc warlords.

Many believed that Chaos would spend the rest of his life fighting, and that his strength would finally give in when he needed it the most. An enigma to the last, Chaos died peacefully in his own chambers after finally retiring from fighting all together. The sword was buried in his tomb, only to be given to his own descendants, or those who prove themselves worthy or bearing it. Alas, orcs raided his tomb in spite and stole the weapon. It had not been seen since until the weapon found it’s way to the female orc known as Rok’Shar.

The Chaosbringer

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