Unintentionally flirting with insanity.


I find this song fitting somehow…

(Fluff before crunch.)

Orn’vaeri Versvesh sat down at the wizard’s desk. “Fine, I will amuse you…” he said to himself while he picked up the quill and started to write.

"I have never picked up a quill in my younger days to write down my thoughts. I did not feel the need, nor have the time to do so. Today I write due to a life changing experience, and I will begin this story with another experience that changed my life while I was a small boy. It is what started it all to get me here.

It had been like any other day. I awoke early in the morning to tend to my family’s farm. It was harvest time, and our field of wheat had become ripe that day. It was warm, but fluffy clouds dotted the clear sky to provide some cooling shade and there was a breeze. Everything was going as usual, but suddenly I felt compelled to look up at the sky. When I did, I saw a most beautiful sight.

Up in the sky was a shimmer of gold that gleamed in that mid-day sun. A long, serpentine creature floated through the sky on wings that moved like the waves of a gently rolling sea. It was only visible for a few moments before it flew inside another cloud. To me, it felt like it lasted forever as I stared in awe and wonder at to what this creature was. I could not stay in that field any longer and abandoned my work; to my father’s great displeasure. His calling did not stop me, for I knew one man in the village who I was sure could tell me what it was I saw.

I arrived at the home of a sage named Dalamir Valdimar who had taken residence in the village around the same time I was born. I was the middle child of my family, often lost in the shuffle amongst all my siblings, and so I often spent my free time listening to this man’s stories. When I got to his house, I found him sitting on his porch, smoking his pipe while lazily rocking in a chair. Upon seeing me he put out his pipe and asked me why I came rushing. My mouth went as fast as my legs had gone as I explained to him what I had just seen. Surprisingly, he was able to understand what I was saying and nodded knowingly.

“My boy,” he said to me, “What you saw is a magnificent creature indeed; for it was a gold dragon.”

I could not believe what he had told me. I asked him if I should warn the village that a dragon is nearby.

Dalamir laughed and told me, “This village should be counted as blessed to have a gold dragon! Perhaps it is a sign of a good harvest. Did anyone else spot it?” I shook my head. “Well then, my boy, it is a personal blessing. Surely it is a sign for you to aspire to something greater than just a farmer!”

I recall having a dream that night about meeting that dragon, and he took me far into the sky where we sat in his lair made of clouds. I could not stop thinking about it for many days, and often looked up into the sky to see if I could see it again. I did not, but about a year later a group of adventurers came into our village. The leader of their group was a paladin, and as I watched them through the window of the local tavern I came to find out she was a paladin of Bahamut; her name was Ahela Lahirden. Dalamir informed me that Bahamut was the king of good dragons. I knew then what it was I wanted to be.

She was a beautiful and strong woman, not quite like any woman I had seen before. I was quite nervous and flustered when I approached her while she was walking out of the blacksmith’s. I asked her if I could learn about Bahamut and become her squire. She was quite surprised by my sudden request, but she smiled sweetly and told me that she would consider it once she gets a break from her adventures.

She did return, and taught me all I could take in. My parents were a little skeptical at first, but were then glad that one of their children aspired to become something greater. I traveled with Ahela for many years as her squire, and we joined two other paladins as we traveled. Damian Roman was an Evlo, a very rarely seen race, he was a paladin of their racial deity, Kamaha. Another human by the name of Jedin Haven, a paladin of Heironeous. Needless to say I learned much about the various deities from the combined knowledge of the three paladins. Heironeous was the most zealous for fighting evil in general, while Bahamut was leaned toward evil dragons, and Kamaha was focused on extending a helping hand to those in need of aid and preaching… even though Damian seemed just as zealous to smash some demon heads as Jedin.

I wish I could be back there with them."


(Character sheet is out of date and needs to be revised to reflect the WoW based paladin build)

Orn’vaeri Versvesh

Level 9
Paladin of Bahamut
Lawful Good 

Gender:         Male
Height:         5' 10"
Weight:         170 lb
Skin:           Light
Eyes:           Light blue (R) / gray (L)
Hair:           Black, Straight; Beardless

Strength:       16      (+3)
Constitution:   12      (+1)
Dexterity:      12      (+1)
Intelligence:   14      (+2)
Wisdom:         16      (+3)
Charisma:       19      (+4)

Initiative:             +1
Speed:                  20 ft (4 squares) 
Hit Points:             73
Armor Class:            21   = 10 + 1 (DEX) + 10 (full plate)
                        11 (touch)
                        19 (flat-footed)
Fortitude:              12   =  7 (base) + 1 (CON) + 4 (misc)
Reflex:                 8    =  3 (base) +1 (DEX) + 4 (misc)
Will:                   10   = 3 (base) + 3 (WIS) + 4 (misc)

Languages:  Common, Draconic, Celestial
Wealth: 0
      + 2 Fullplate
      + 2 Greatsword
      Canary feather


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