Shadowcaster, Masteress of Shadows


A figure appears from the shadows, you see a cloaked women wearing practical yet unusual clothing of which is a mix of all black and violet colors. As she show her face you see small horn-like nubs on her forehead, violet-blues eyes & pointed ears like those of an elf as well as her pale gray skin. Behind her, you see a thin, whip-like tail coming from under her cloak.


Malina doesn’t remember much of her past just that she been on the streets ever since she was a child. It is on the streets that she discovered her shadowy gift, but was too young to even understand it. But in do time, she learned how to make use of it taking whatever she needed. One night, her life took a dramatic change when the town of Haldale was raided by the drow. Malina found herself in the wrong place and was caught by one of the drow slavers. She found herself in servitude to a drow ‘wizard’, Elvune Deurden. When Elvune discoveries Malina’s magical gift of the shadows, she began to teach her new pawn the shadowy art for her own means. As the year’s past, Malina grew in both mind and magic but not fast enough for what her master had plan for her and was thus discipline accordingly. Becoming sick of her bondage to this drow, Malina plotted her master end & escaped in the following years.

It been a few years since Malina free herself, she has befriended a shadow raven, Shade. With her companion, she continue her studies in the shadowy art but to her disappointment, her studies were brought to an end when she couldn’t learn anymore; especially if the knowledge she seek was very rare to find. But opportunity came knocking one day. A stranger approached her with a deal that she couldn’t refuse; she would have to serve under a new master and in exchange she would receive access to the knowledge & resources that she seeks.

After accepting the deal, her shadowy art grew and flourish faster then she could ever imagine. For a time she enjoyed it, but good things never last. In a few months, she was summon by her new master and tasked with a simple mission, infiltrate a small group of adventurers and report on their activities.

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The Conspiracy Boomer