The legendary evil wizard that shattered a whole kingdom singlehandedly.


Kaedin was one of the greatest wizards the world had ever seen. Much of his origin is unknown, though many that had known about him heard he was a recluse. Some said that during the reign of the Baeles, Kaedin was known to be one of the ruling king’s must trusted advisor.

No one knows his motives why he turned against the king. One day, Kaedin single-handedly shattered the defenses of Castle Bayle, with a small army of trolls, drow and mind flayers, which quickly occupied and killed the king and the rest of the royal family, ending the Balean dynasty in one swift action, and plunging the Kingdom into chaos.

Kaedin opened a portal within Castle Bayle to his own demesne, the Shadow Keep, where he proceeded to enact the next stages of his mysterious plans. The kingdom was beset by yuan-ti, orcs, drow, and other horrors from the different planes. No one dared challenge Kaedin to end the destruction. It was only through the actions of the Legendary Heroes that returned peace back to the Kingdom.

For all his power and wards he placed upon the portal leading to the Shadow keep, he could not stop the Legendary Heroes. After an epic battle, the Heroes destroyed Kaedin, ending his reign of terror for good.

Kaedin has left a legacy that still plagues the world to this day. During his reign of terror, he had crafted five arcane gems of unbelievable power: wind, fire, ice, nature and death. These powerful gems passed from hand to hand, leaving only destruction wherever they go. The other legacy, is Kaedin’s journal, which is in the hands of the conspirators.

Kaedin performed many magical experiments that would dare not be performed by lesser wizards; a true testament to Kaedin’s power. One such experiment involved the controlling of the legendary tarrasque. Kaedin had indeed found a way to bind the awesome beast under his control, however the ritual could only be completed while the tarrasque is in hibernation. Not even Kaedin could overcome the beast’s incredible spell resistance while the creature was awake.


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