Jack Geffray


Jack’s background is a mystery to his companions, mainly due to the fact that he doesn’t like to re-live his past. Growing up in a small town wasn’t the greatest of times and growing up without a father didn’t make it any better. Through most of his childhood, Jack spent his time helping as best as he could to help support their poor lifestyle as he watched the other kids play and have fun. Around the age of Fourteen, his town was pillaged and his mother was killed protecting her only child. Running for dear life, Jack made haste to the nearest town and informed them of the attack, but no one would heed his pleas for help. For the next year Jack had to learn to fend for himself by stealing what was needed to survive, eventually joining a small band of local thieves. After a short time, the leader of the thieves presented Jack to the local worshipers of Olidammara, where he was met by a young man whom he would only know as “master.”

Shortly after the thieve leader left, the master asked Jack “do you feel lucky?” Puzzled, he asked to explain himself. “Luck is all around us,” the master said, “it flows through us like blood, no one seems to see it but it is there at all times when we need it the most.” Jack began to question this guy’s sanity after all, where was this luck when his mother died, when he pleaded for help, when he was starving in the streets, but before he had his chance the master spoke “luck was not there for you because your bad luck was running it’s course, now your luck is about to change and I can help you guide it and yourself to greatness.” The master moved to a Kanteel that wasn’t there at all when Jack came in and started playing. The room began to spin uncontrollably then it suddenly stopped, Jack fell to the ground unable to keep his balance.

As Jack regained his footing, he noticed that he had been transported to the town he grew up on but there was no fire, no panic, no pain, it had been as though nothing happened. He quickly ran back to his old home and peered in the window, there he saw his mother busy tending to the stew. Overjoyed with happiness, he rushed in and called out to her but she didn’t seem to take notice. “What you see is nothing but a mere illusion of your past young lad, your emotions run deep with depression and your heart aches for her.” This was the voice of the master, though Jack was unsure from where he was speaking. “Like I told you before, Luck runs through us, and this is more true in your case for you were chosen since birth. You see, luck tends to pick one person and guides them through greatness, however with good must come the bad.” As those words were uttered the house erupted in flames, people he once knew ran past the window, and all he could hear was his mother’s screams.

The room went black for a while, Jack was on his knees trying to cover up the screaming but it did little to help the pain inside. Suddenly he was back in the real world, the master seemed to have stopped playing the Kanteel and Jack was covered in sweat in the ground. The master walked to him and extended his arm to help him up, as he did so he said “So, I ask you once again, do you feel lucky?” Jack nodded, took the master’s hand and pulled himself back up. “Good,” the master said, “then let us begin, as a chosen you must undergo vast training, it won’t be easy but in the end you will see that luck is the only power you need to rely on.” With that said, Jack followed the master to a room in the back where the only decoration among the walls was a single laughing mask.

Jack Geffray

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