Herr Auge

The evil Gauth with the funny accent and monocle.


Herr Auge was one of the chief leaders of the Conspiracy. Though diminutive, Herr Auge had an incredible temper and was easily angered. It is unknown where his boss, the Black Knight had come across the gauth, or what the Black Knight offered to it, but nevertheless he became almost the Black Knight’s right hand.

Being a Gauth, Auge was the smallest of beholderkin, which was cause for ridicule among the conspirators, but those that did ended up getting turned to ash by Auge’s magical eye rays. Auge had other unusual quirks, the first being his accent. No one, not even the Black Knight could tell where Auge got his accent from, which also caused laughs (and subsequent deaths). ((OOC: He has a German accent.)) His other quirk, the monocle, which laid over his central eye. Auge would routinely adjust the monocle with one of his eye stalks. Beholderkin all have excellent vision, so why the monocle? Considering all the people he’s killed, none dared ask why.

Herr Auge was in charge of tracking down the dwarf Thorg Steelfoot, as the dwarf was in possession of the powerful holy artifact that ended the Demon War. The Black Knight wanted the artifact brought to him, as it can’t be destroyed through normal means. Herr Auge approached the noble Jorg van Helmut (who had lost his castle and fief to the dwarf), and made him an offer. Help him recover the artifact from Thorg, and in return Jorg’s fiefdom will be restored. However, Jorg focused on conquering the town more than getting the artifact itself, which gave Auge cause to contact him directly via magic and berate him personally. By this time, the adventurers had snuck into his castle and within moments Jorg lay dead and the remainder of his fortunes gone.

Despite this failure, Herr Auge continued to be the Black Knight’s right hand. He maintained the massive industrial complex that produced weapons for the orcs as well as managing the slavers to bring in new workers and the hiring of foreign adventurers to retrieve the evil wizard Kaedin’s powerful elemental gems. Herr Auge also oversaw Orn the paladin’s torture, as well as orchestrating the capture (and sadly execution) of Orn’s family.

However, when the adventurers and a band of rebels wise to the Conspiracy destroyed much of the complex, setting the plans back at least a month, Herr Auge quickly lost favor with the Black Knight. The Black Knight “reassigned” him to a dangerous task, destroy the Aramonese capital of Cravant. The Black Knight explained that Kaedin left behind another present, the mans to control the legendary Tarrasque. Auge was sent to bind the beast and have it destroy the capital. Herr Auge was a sociopath and no stranger to mass slaughter, but using the Tarrasque, that was overkill even to the Gauth.

Nevertheless, the Gauth did as he was told and took a small contingent of drow along with Malina and Sissay with him. The ritual to bind the Tarrasque was successful, and after establishing a small cabin on the top of the beast, set out for the Aramon border and Cravant.

The White Light rebels and the adventurers caught onto the Black Knight’s plan, and dispatched Thorg, who had now sided with the rebels along with Elaman Manasong, to slow it down. Thorg used explosives to create a massive sinkhole to trap the Tarrasque in the ground. However, the Tarrasque, being a subterranean creature, dug under ground instead. Thorg’s actions weren’t a complete failure, as Herr Auge could not tell where he was going underground.

By this time, Herr Auge was slowly going mad as he did not want to fail the Black Knight again. Malina and Sissay, along with the drow finally gave Auge the vote of no confidence and decided to kill him. Auge fought back, but was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. His corpse immediately burst into flames, a last failsafe by the Black Knight to prevent it from being resurrected and used against him.

Herr Auge

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