Vivian Ondellus Ofdensen


Preferring to go by her middle name, Ondellus appears to keep an emotionally neutral front, otherwise called her “business face.” Her main goal when joining with her groupmates was to enjoy the spoils of a job. What she didnt know was that it would turn into far more when she would be thrust into the middle of the conspiracy along with her travelling companions. She left her previous way of living after proving her strength to the people around her and hoped to start anew on a more sober route with new companions, but unfortunately some of the antics being witnessed forced her back to the bottle though the development hasnt resulted in being all bad.

Her use of the art of the warlock is looked upon with much skepticism by some due to its dark origins. Fortunately for her she has encountered those willing to look past this and focus on her actions.

She tends to try and remain neutral in the fact that she is more than willing to use some questionable tactics to accomplish what she sees as necessary.

Ondellus has travelled all her life, avoiding influence from the kingdoms of the world and the war that it brought during her childhood. She has always had a inclination to use the powers of a warlock which was discovered when she was a young child. Once it was discovered, she was strictly trained to control her power as well as herself in using it although there were not other warlocks around.

Vivian Ondellus Ofdensen

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