The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 5

More Unfortunate Events

In an attempt to help speed up the process of over a year’s worth of this campaign, I will now list some of the game’s most important events that lead up to the present.

The Beginning of the War between Aramon and the Empire

Tensions had been unusually high between the two kingdoms since the “attempted assassination” of Emperor Selentine. The Emperor blamed Aramon for the attempt, calling him a coward and a treacherous snake. Of course, King Maximilian denied such a blatant accusation, calling the Emperor in term a liar and a warmonger. The Imperial Army was ordered to cross into the Borderlands to prepare for a possible invasion into Aramon. King Maximilian requested the Temple Knights and several regiments of the Royal Army to defend against the Imperials if necessary.

The Trade Lords, seeing a crisis that might permanently put an end to their cushy lifestyles called both sides to Cathalon to discuss a peace agreement. Several high ranking Imperial officers were designated as ambassadors for the Empire, while the Temple Knights Aspharr and Inphyy spoke for the Kingdom of Aramon.

The adventurers disguised themselves as Imperial soldiers and marched with the Army to Cathalon, where they sneaked out to enter the city. The representatives from Aramon needed to know what was going on with the Empire.

Fortunately, the adventurers were able to infiltrate the Imperial Army as they marched to the Borderlands. Doing so, they were able to sneak out of their lines and get into the city of Cathalon undetected. After working their way into the Great Hall where the discussions were taking place, the adventurers were able to gain an audience with the Temple Knights. Inphyy did not trust the adventurers while Aspharr was willing to listen. using the information gained from the adventurers from their experience in the Empire, the Temple Knights were able to get the upper hand diplomatically against the Empire (who had to call a recess in order to assess their tactics).

The Empire however, reacted unexpectedly, as the Imperial Army was ordered to cross the Borderlands and engage the Aramon army. The Temple Knights, having to move quickly to engage the Imperials, asked the adventurers to travel to Aramon’s capital Cravant to inform the king about the Imperial treachery.




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