The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 4

Escape from Solhaven

The Imperial Inquisitor Mordecai Toth wasted no time in interrogating the adventurers. A “devout” servant of St. Cuthbert, the Inquisitor used various methods of torture to extract confessions from almost all of the party members. Jack proved to be the most irritating to torture. Due to his special nature as the god Olidamarra’s ‘Chosen One,’ Jack could withstand horrendous amounts of torture without dying, this does not render him immune to pain however, so the Inquisitor got nothing from him at all. Only Ondellus was saved from torture racks, thanks to her quick talking and her subsequent “confession.” Sissay tried to escape but was quickly caught by the Inquisitor and thrown back into the dungeon. Despite the Inquisitor’s attempts to secure confessions, the Emperor nevertheless ordered all of them executed publicly by hanging.

The adventurers were brought out before an angry mob outside of the Imperial prison to a central square where the gallows had been set up. Right before all the adventurers were to die, the execution was stopped by a sudden attack from Thorg Steelfoot and Elaman Manasong, while the nooses on each of the adventurers was cut by the arrows fired from the bounty hunter Draco Strife. Draco motioned for the adventurers to follow him into the sewers while Thorg and Elaman fend off the Imperial guards.

The adventurers fought their way through the sewers only to reach a grate that led to a dealy drop to the sea below. With the Imperials just about on them, the adventurers and Draco had no choice but to make the perilous plunge. The Inquisitor, who led the chase, looked out over the sea below. Convinced the adventurers did survive the fall, ordered the guards prepared to comb the forests. He would not let them escape the Empire.

Fortunately, all the adventurers did survive (Ondellus actually found a way through the sewers that did not involve a huge drop to the ocean…), and Draco led them into the Silvermyr Forest to his hidden home. An experienced ranger, Draco knew how to handle the various owlbears that roamed the forest, and thus was able to live there without danger of getting mauled. The guards would be hesitant to search the forest at night, so they were able to stay at Draco’s small house for the night. In the morning however, an incident arouse with the cleric, Jack and his deity Olidamarra. It involved very spicy hot owlbear jerky and running out to a horse trough filled with water that had been transmuted into something akin to rocket fuel.

Needless to say, Draco wasn’t very happy his house blew up…

Draco and the adventurers left quickly, knowing that the Imperials would soon investigate the explosion. Draco led them to the old Selentine family crypt that doubled as a royal escape passage. The crypt would lead them well outside the forest, where the adventurers could make a run for the Borderlands. Inside the crypt were also the tombs of famous Selentines that had distinguished themselves in the Imperial army. Several of these sarcophagi that held these deceased generals were opened. A cult of the Demon Prince Orcus had taken residence at the end of the crypt, performing some sort of foul ritual. The adventurers were able to dispatch the cultists but not before the bodies of the the Selentine generals taken first.

With the way to the Borderlands cleared for the moment, the adventurers quickly left the crypt. It would be some time before the Empire realized where they had gone.



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