The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 3

Chaos in Solhaven

The adventurers were astonished in the complete destruction of Argshire; they had been away only a day away from the town!! There was no sign of Thorg anywhere. The buildings strangely looked to have been destroyed in various ways. Some were obviously burned to the group, however some buildings looked as though it had been frozen solid then smashed to pieces, others looked to have been completely doused in acid!

The only soul alive in town was Elaman Manasong. Elaman stated that he had left the city not long after the adventurers had left the previous morning, believing that his work in the town was finished. However, he witnessed the town being attacked by a flight of five chromatic dragons: one red, one blue, one white, one green, and one black. Elaman returned to town to find Thorg, who was the only one that was survived the attack; all the rest of the townspeople were killed. Thorg, nearly delirious, swore vengeance, gathered up what remained of his belongings and set after the dragons alone.

Elaman stayed behind in the town, knowing that the adventurers would return. The dragons looked to have flown northeast, towards the Empire. Elaman suggested the adventurers to head to the Imperial capital of Solhaven. Someone there might know about what happened. Elaman meanwhile would go look for Thorg, for if he was going to square off against five dragons, he would need all the help he can get, but the truth of why such a simple town was deliberately targeted needed to be found. The adventurers left immediately for the Empire.

The journey through the Empire lands was thankfully uneventful. The roads were patrolled by many Imperial soldiers, which made things unsettling. The adventurers arrived at the edge of the Silvermyr Forest, to find two more soldiers guarding the road at the edge of the forest. The forest is notorious for it’s owlbears that roam freely within it, making the road incredibly dangerous at night. Being late in the evening, the owlbears were stirring. The guards forbid entry to the adventurers until morning. Finding a place off the road for the night, the adventurers set up camp to wait until morning.

During the night, one of the party members heard suspicious noises coming from the forest. It appeared as though drow was watching them, possibly readying for attack. The adventurers entered the forest attempting to track the intruder, only to be ambushed by owlbears! It was another setup! Thankfully the adventurers were able to defeat the owlbears (and making from them some fine pelts and jerky).

Morning came, and the adventurers rode through the forest before reaching the grand city of Solhaven. The city streets were decorated reason being for the returning Imperial Army from the Crusades. The Army was to march with their Commander, Kristof von Carnadine holding the head of the last orc warlord killed in the conflict. The adventurers split up and explored parts of the city. Ondellus took care of business deals in the Mage’s Academy, while other members of the group went shopping and explored while waiting for the ceremony to start.

As the ceremony started, the adventurers regrouped and took notice of several drow within the crowds. The adventurers knew that the drow presence could only mean they intend to disrupt the ceremony. Tracking the drow to the rooftops, the adventurers realized that the drow were intending to assassinate the Emperor! The drow then disappeared without a trace, and suddenly, the adventurers were spotted by the Imperials with the drow assassin weapons! It was another setup!!

All the adventurers were arrested by the order of the Emperor’s Champion: the Black Knight, and all were charged with conspiracy to assassinate the Emperor, treason…



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