The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 2

Ambush in Cathalon

In the morning, Nadeem the ranger disappeared without a trace; no one saw him leave. Nevertheless, Thorg gathered up the adventurer’s out to Cathalon with a cart full of barrels of Thorg’s Finest XXX. Before the group left, Thorg handed Orn a pendant with silver cross that has a red gem embedded in it. Thorg told Orn to keep the pendant safe, not saying why. Orn nevertheless agreed to the strange request.

The trip was uneventful for the most part. The Trade Lords use their wealth to hire professional soldiers to patrol the roads; it would be bad business to leave the roads open to banditry. Things however, took a turn for the strange as the adventurers caught sight of three humans being chased by goblin wolf riders. The adventurers stopped the cart and fought off the goblins. The humans were Illidan the dragonfire adept, Jack the cleric of Olidamarra, and Ondellus the warlock. The new arrivals thanked the adventurers and joined with them on their way to Cathalon.

Cathalon was as busy as ever. The Marketplace, the centerpiece of the city was crowded with people selling off their wares to various citizens and other adventurers. Potions, magic items, weapons, armor, anything an adventurer might need could be found here. The adventurers found the tavern that Thorg asked the adventurers to go to and delivered the beer safely. The proprietor thanked the group and handed them a lock box filled with coins to have delivered to Thorg. He also offered room and board for the night.

The night at the inn unfortunately was indeed eventful. Sissay woke up nearly accosted by a black clad humanoid that nearly sliced her throat opened. Upon discovery, the man quickly escaped out the room. Waking up the rest of the adventurers, they came down the stairs to the bar, only to find the tavern owner dead, another black robed figure standing there as if waiting. This one however, didn’t have his face completely concealed. Other than a mask which covered up his mouth and neck, he was indeed a dark elf with solid white hair. Strapped on his back was an unusual curved blade that seemed to have an umbral glow to it. The adventurers poised to attack when all of a sudden seveal clouds of smoke appeared in the room, revealing a group of similarly clad assassins, each wearing black outfits with hoods.

The adventurers managed to defeat their attackers save for the leader, whom nearly took Orn before being forced to flee. The town guard was then summoned to report on the death of the tavern owner. After a brief questioning to the group, the adventurers returned to their rooms for the rest of the night.

In the morning, the town guard took over the tavern to search for clues on the identity of the assassin. The adventurers, still on their mission, left Cathalon and returned to Argshire, only to find the town in a smoldering wreck…



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