The Conspiracy

The Story so Far...Part 1

The Argshire missions.

It all began with a call for adventurers. The town of Argshire was in dire need of heroes. A paladin named Orn, Aelemar the griffon knight (with Luft as the griffon), the ranger Nadeem, and a bizarre schizophrenic yuan-ti named Sissay answered the call. The town’s mayor, a dwarf named Thorg Steelfoot had asked the rookie adventurers to guard the town’s valuable hops and barley fields in preparation for the year’s harvest. In doing so, the adventurers fended off an attack by goblins who attempted to burn the fields. Investigating further, the adventurers moved into the nearby forest, going after a goblin survivor. They found a cave filled with more goblinoids, led by a bugbear. After slaying the goblinoids, the adventurers found that the goblins were mercenaries, paid off by a well-to-do-lord in an attempt to weaken and distract the town of Argshire.

When the adventurers returned, Thorg was pleased with the report, but Thorg needed time to look over the documents that were found in the goblinoid cave. In the meantime, Thorg set the adventurers off on another mission. A group of orcs were sighted near Argshire. Orcs this far west into the Borderlands was unusual, so Thorg believed the orcs were here specifically to raid the town. The adventurers moved out and found the orcs setting up a camp at nightfall. using her innate disguise ability, Sissay the yuan-ti necromancer disguised herself as an orc and infiltrated the group. She learned that the orcs were here to search the town for an artifact they believed the dwarf had. With the orcs caught off guard, the adventurers managed to kill them all quickly. Searching revealed that the orcs’ weapons were not the usual cobbled-together weapons, but actual weapons made from the armories of the Empire! With the crusades against the orcs by the Empire, a group of orcs having superior Imperial weapons as trophies didn’t seem so ludicrous, but something didn’t seem right.

As the adventurers returned to town, Thorg tells them of an even more dire situation. Years ago, Thorg led a revolt against Argshire’s former ruler, a Trade Lord by the name of Wilhelm von Helmut. Thorg was then made the town’s mayor then afterward. It turns out that Wilhem’s son, Jorg von Helmut, had escaped and now returned with a mercenary army to take the town. Thorg, as much as he wanted to fight, knew that he and the adventurers could not take the army by themselves, and the townspeople were no fighters. Thorg couldn’t evacuate the town, because doing so would cause the Trade Lords to further worsen the issue by making Jorg’s claim to Argshire legitimate. Jorg needed to be disposed of, and the mercenaries forced to leave. Thorg came up with a cunning plan.

Thorg’s friend, an elf wizard named Elaman Manasong, arrived into town at Thorg’s request. The plan to take down Jorg was this: the adventurers were to enter the same escape passage into the old von Helmut keep and take out Jorg by surprise. Elaman gave the adventurers a set of magic rods, which he instructed the adventurers to place in each corner of von Helmut’s treasure room where the gold for paying the mercenaries was kept. The rods were magically bound to a small shack in Argshire, and saying a command word would teleport the room’s occupants, and the gold, back to the shack where Thorg and Elaman would be waiting.

At first the plan looked to be in jeopardy, as there were guards standing outside the very escape passage the adventurers sought to enter, but the guards were tricked by the yuan-ti’s disguise ability and quickly killed. The adventurers infiltrated the keep and find Jorg with his elite guards. Jorg was found talking to a magical projection of a gauth! The gauth, in a strange accent, berated Jorg for his delays in retrieving an artifact from the dwarf (which the adventurers assumed to be Thorg). The adventurers believed this to be the same artifact that the orcs were looking for! After Jorg was done talking with the gauth, the adventurers attacked! Through both luck and skill, the adventurers barely managed to defeat Jorg and his guards. The adventurers then quickly sought out Jorg’s treasure room and quickly used the magic rods Elaman gave them before the mercenaries found out what happened.

A relieved Thorg and Elaman were waiting as promised. Thorg then went over to the mercenaries who were now without an employer, and convinced them to leave after paying them half of Jorg’s treasure. The town was saved and a celebration took place that night in the adventurer’s honor, though there would be more work to do in the morning. The harvest was brought in, the beer was made, and now it needed to be taken to Cathalon.



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